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Recent Changes to the Saint Andrew's Constitution

At its October 8, 2018 Congregation Council meeting, the Congregation Council voted to approve changes to the following Continuing Resolutions:
~ Constitution Task Force (C12.06.A18)
~ Shared Ministry Committee (deleted C13.04.A03)
~ Committee duties/responsibilities (C13.07.A18 and C13.08).  These changes included:
     -- deleting the Memorial Garden Committee (responsibilities now a part of the Building and Property Committee),
     -- deleting the Christian Education and Youth and Family Ministries Committees (now a part of Discipleship Ministries)
     -- updating the duties/responsibilities of all other committees

At the June 10, 2018 Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting, the congregation voted to approve two (2) changes to the Saint Andrew's Constitution
The changes are:
1. A new Constitution bylaw, C12.02.01, to modify the election procedures for Congregation Council members. The new bylaw states:
“If fewer than the required number of candidates are elected on the first ballot, the candidates not elected shall remain as candidates on a second ballot. If fewer than the required number of candidates are elected on the second ballot, additional ballots shall be conducted until candidates for all open positions on the Congregation Council are elected; but, beginning with the third ballot, the candidate receiving the least number of votes on the preceding ballot shall be eliminated as a potential candidate and removed from the ballot.”

2. A wording change to section C13.02.01 “Nominating Committee Responsibility” to substitute the words “Discipleship Ministries Committee” for “Youth Ministry Committee”.

The most recent approved version of the Saint Andrew's Consitution is here in PDF format.

Saint Andrew's Constitution (approved October 8, 2018)

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