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Men's Ministry

All men are a part of SAM (Saint Andrew's Men)!

Tuesday Morning Men
meet every Tuesday at 6:30 am in Room 212 to discuss a variety of topics. All men are welcome to join us at anytime. Come when you can!

We go on an overnight retreat each fall to Valley Camp in North Bend.
Plan to join us for our next retreat:  October 26-27, 2018!
Download a printable brochure that contains a registration form.
Our theme is "Enriching Life by Embracing Our Dying: The Proper Use of Death Bed Regrets" with Pastor Timothy Weber as our leader.

A description....
Psalm 90 admonishes us to do the unnatural: “Teach us to number our days that we might apply our hearts unto wisdom.” We do everything to avoid the reality of our dying as Ernst Becker underscored in his prize winning book, THE DENIAL OF DEATH. It is unnatural, maybe even frightening, for us to look at our dying boldly in the face with the prayer: teach me to learn from my dying how I might live with greater abundance. For this task we need the power of the Spirit, courage to face the conversation, and partners in our faith community who might help us. The promise of Christ is that the abundant life awaits us even more than we would ever think. But, this also requires a “suffering under the cross” which, in this case, is the suffering of our dying and learning what we can, and making new and fresh decisions about living with our numbered days.

For more information about Men's Ministry, contact Dick Swaisgood through the church office, 425-746-2529 or info@SALChome.org