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Service Times & Directions

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Sunday Worship
Worship with Holy Communion
8:30 am and 11:00 am
Discipleship Hour
9:45 am
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Lent began on Ash Wednesday, February 14
  Download a printable Lent-Easter Calendar
  Prayer Partners for Lent ~ pray for your prayer partner throughout Lent
  Lenten Outreach: Baskets of Promise ~ collection for Personal Care Kits
  Color during Lent ~ Gather for fellowship and devotion in the Narthex as Saint Andrew’s works together to color the Psalms of Lent as a Communal Art Expression. On Easter morning, the final product will be displayed.
Ash Wednesday, February 14
As in each year, we find ourselves at the foot of the Cross in a time of Confession and Forgiveness, the Imposition of Ashes, Word, and Holy Communion.
Sundays in Lent

“This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.” John 3:16 The Message
    Worship with Holy Communion, 8:30 am and 11:00 am
Discipleship Hour, 9:45 am
      February 18  Mark 1:9-15
      February 25  Mark 8:31-38
      March 4  John 2:13-22
      March 11  ~  John 3:14-21
      March 18  John 12:20-33
Mid-week Worship....
"The Word Speaks"
Pastor McEachran brings devotional words focused on the Last Words of Jesus from the Cross. How could it be that those words contain so many feelings which define our lives in the world? From forgiveness to reunion, Jesus walks with us into the victory we know and sing on Easter Sunday.
    Soup Supper, 6:00 pm
Holden Evening Prayer Worship, 7:00 pm
      February 21 
     Luke 23:34 ~ Forgiveness
     Luke 23:43 ~ Salvation 
       February 28  John 19:26-27 ~ Relationship
       March 7  Matthew 27:46, Mark 15:34 ~ Abandonment
       March 14  John 19:28 ~ Distress
       March 21 
John 19:30 ~ Triumph
     Luke 23:46 ~ Reunion

Holy Week and The Three Days
A prayer labyrinth will be available from March 25-30 in 302/Fellowship Hall South to walk for reflection and prayer throughout Holy Week. A labyrinth is a path which leads, via a circuitous route, to the center of an intricate design and back out again. A labyrinth’s route has only a single path. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is designed for ease of navigation, and it is impossible to get lost within one.
Palm Sunday, March 25

Palm Sunday leads into the journey of Holy Week.
    Worship with Holy Communion, 8:30 am and 11:00 am
Discipleship Hour, 9:45 am
      The Children’s Choir sings at both worship services.
Maundy Thursday, March 29
With the institution of the Lord’s Supper, we are given life and salvation through Christ’s body and blood.
    Worship with Holy Communion, 12:15 pm and 7:00 pm
       Pastor Paul Hoffman is our Preaching Minister.
Good Friday, March 30
Our service follows the ancient service of Tenebrae, which means “darkness.” With spoken word of Ten Lessons and the Passion According to Saint John, we will remember the price paid to redeem the sins of the world. The gradual extinguishing of the lights will help us to remember that Jesus will be the Victory, the Light of the World.
    Worship, 7:00 pm
      Passion According to Saint John  ~  John 18-19
Resurrection of Our Lord, Vigil of Easter, March 31
The Church gathers for worship in anticipation of the dawn of Easter Day, the chief festival of the Church.
    Worship with Holy Communion, 7:00 pm
      Readings from Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, Daniel, Romans, and John.

  Resurrection of Our Lord, Easter Day, April 1
Worship of Word and Sacrament welcomes the good news of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.
    Worship with Holy Communion, 8:30 am and 11:00 am
    Breakfast Available
A free-will offering for your meal benefits the Summer High School Mission Team who will be learning with and serving the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.
Join us for an elegant Easter Breakfast in Fellowship Hall on April 1, before or after worship.
The breakfast will feature delicious French Toast, with breakfast sausage, hash browns, and fresh fruit.
To adequately serve our guests in a timely fashion, we are encouraging reservations. A block of reservations will be set aside each hour. A limited number will be available so be sure to meet us in the Narthex beginning March 18 to reserve your spot.
While reservations will be prioritized, we will still have space for walk-ins available.
Sunday, April 8
    Worship with Holy Communion, 8:30 am and 11:00 am
Discipleship Hour, 9:45 am
      Prayer Partners for Lent Reveal during Discipleship Hour

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Fax: 425-746-3758
Email: info@salchome.org
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