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Building Remodel

Pathways to Renewal: Building

At the Semi-Annual meeting on June 25, 2017, drawings and information were shared about a potential building remodel.
At a future date, a congregation meeting will be held to vote on whether to proceed with construction and a capital campaign. 
Keep reading for more information about the remodel and its benefits.....
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  • In 1956, the congregation envisioned the future of the property.
  • The building has been remodeled and expanded several times since the congregation's beginning in 1956. 
  • The idea of a building remodel that focuses on the Narthex area was initiated ten years ago. In 2007, the “Lift the Roof” task force developed ideas of what a redesigned Narthex area could look like.
  • Investing in our facility was one of three goals of the “Share the Vision! Be the Life!” Mission and Ministry capital campaign in 2010, with ideas that included
    ~ a more open Narthex to create increased fellowship space,
    ~ a redesigned entry to the Sanctuary that will be more open and inviting,
    ~ upgrades to the Sanctuary audio-visual system,
    ~ providing fully accessible restroom facilities, and
    ~ providing a quiet space for those who need it during worship or the Discipleship Hour.
    That campaign raised enough funds to begin the process of developing plans for a building remodel.
  • The Graceful Space Task Force, and subsequently, the Design Advisory Group (DAG) have worked since 2012 to develop those plans. Their efforts have included visiting other church buildings for ideas, seeking input from congregation committees and members, and working with VIA Architecture and Edifice Construction to assess our needs and produce conceptual drawings and a construction estimate for a remodel.
    They focused on ministry needs and how a remodeled building can help meet those needs.
  • At the June 25, 2017 Semi-Annual Congregation Meeting, drawings and information were shared about a potential remodel. The cost estimate is $4,800,000.

Current Building Use
The church building is used seven days a week, both for Saint Andrew's ministries and by community user groups. Many community user groups use classrooms in South Hall. Others use Fellowship Hall, Narthex area, the Music Room, and occasionally the Sanctuary.
Community User Groups:

  • Music Recitals: 10+/year
  • Korean Bible Study: four times/week
  • Scouts - Cub Scouts: Parent Meetings, Court of Honor, Blue and Gold Dinner, Pinewood Derby
  • Scouts – Daisies and Brownies: miscellaneous Girl Scout craft meetings and potlucks
  • Rong Rong Chinese Folk Choir: rehearse every Saturday and host one concert/year
  • PAF/E (Performing Arts Festival Eastside): one week/year
  • Bellevue Medics: once/month for continuing education, a breakfast once/ year, and a lunch once/year
  • Bellevue Fire Department: occasional events
  • Support Groups
    ~ Stroke Support group
    ~ Alzheimer’s Support group
    ~ NAMI support group
    ~ Twelve 12-Step groups
    ~ AA groups: Nine, including one for those who speak Spanish
  • Greater Seattle Al-Anon: Spring and Fall Auctions
  • Al-Anon District Workshops
  • American Guild of Organists: board of directors meetings, occasional events 
  • Fundamentals of Transitional Ministry (education workshop for interim pastor positions): occasional workshops
  • Daughters of Norway: once/month
  • East Lake Washington District Garden Club: twice/year flower shows and general meeting
  • Northwest Watercolor Society: eight times/year
  • R.E.A.C.H.: homeschool end of year testing
  • Eastside Legal Assistance Program: Thursday afternoon legal clinics
  • Refugee Foster and Host home information meetings (LCSNW)
  • Home Owner’s Association meetings: three/year
  • Drop off location for Lifelong Aids Alliance food bags: every Thursday
  • League of Women Voters: occasional events and forums
  • Congregations for the Homeless: Multiple meetings in addition to rented office space
  • Taiwan Language School: three times/week during school year, two times/week during summer
  • Note: World Languages represented by groups: five (English, Korean, Taiwanese, Spanish, Chinese) 

The Proposed Remodeled Building

The perspective shows the proposed exterior of the new building wing, approach, and entrance to the church. Of note is the two-story entrance; this clearly shows the "front door" of the church which is an important aspect of the proposed remodel.
*Final exterior design may change to some degree.

This view shows the window element of the new wing from several angles. The proposed design ties the new wing in with the existing South Hall and Fellowship areas of the church. It also provides plenty of natural light and views to the out-of-doors for church staff. Additionally, it allows for a view of the Memorial Garden from the Narthex, which has been noted by the Congregation as an important design element.
*Final design may change to some degree.

Benefits of a Building Remodel

A remodeled building brings benefits to our physical space, which in turn benefits ministry to our congregation and community.
The building remodel will:

  • Bring the restrooms near the Sanctuary into ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance
  • Add a family restroom near the Sanctuary
  • Expand the Narthex space, which will
    ~ foster fellowship by providing more open space for people to gather
    ~ give easier access to the Sanctuary and to Fellowship Hall
  • Update the furnace and HVAC system, which will
    ~ replace aging equipment
    ~ provide greater comfort
    ~ save on operating costs
  • Create a definitive and well-defined main entrance to the building
    ~ outside steps will make main entrance more visible
    ~ the entry will be more inviting, provide easier access to the Narthex, and will provide extra space for fellowship
    ~ a glass vestibule entrance will provide visibility to the courtyard. The vestibule will have two sets of doors to provide improved temperature control to the building, eliminating loss of both heated and cooled air.
  • Re-grade the upper portion of the parking lot to
    ~ create parking spaces that are ADA compliant
    ~ reduce the number of steps from the parking lot to the main entrance level, creating easier access
  • Add glass doors into the Sanctuary, providing for an improved flow of people in and out of the Sanctuary. The glass will provide a more inviting feel to the Sanctuary
  • Widen the staircase to Fellowship Hall, providing for improved flow of people into and out of the room
  • Create a new walkway along Fellowship Hall North, leading to South Hall and providing access to South Hall when Fellowship Hall North is occupied. The wall between Fellowship Hall North and the walkway may be configured to be opened, thus expanding the capacity of Fellowship Hall North
  • Place the office area near the main entrance, providing members and visitors easier access to staff
  • Adds an outdoor shop area in the lower level


Questions can be directed to Building Remodel Communications Coordinator Stephanie Page-Lester or Congregation Council Liaisons Art Gurtel and Andy Hogle.
Members of the Building Remodel Team are Lucy Sannes (Chair), Guy Feldman, Judy Gowdy, Dick Lee, Stephanie Page-Lester, Pastor McEachran, John Nelson, and Dick Swaisgood.