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Vision Initiative

The 2018 Congregation Council has identified four initiatives and formed Council working groups to strategize moving forward in these specific areas of ministry.
Vision Initiative
One initiative is to engage in a visioning process for our congregation.  This was identified in 2017 as a "Waypoint" recommendation by the Joshua Process. 
Who will answer all the questions we have regarding the changes coming to Saint Andrew’s? Together, we will— as we listen to the Holy Spirit’s leading to shape the future of our congregational ministry. That’s “we” as your vision team and “we” as the congregation. Together, “we” are seeking the way God would have Saint Andrew’s go and grow.
How? By working together as a congregation, we will participate in a process that can identify the strengths and gifts we uniquely offer to impact our community for the sake of the Gospel.
July 2018 - Workshops
The process was begun as we move forward in our leadership transition. The next step came in July with two congregational workshops led by Pastor Jim Weckwerth of the Joshua Group. Approximately 75 people participated in both gatherings.
July 13:The Uniqueness of Saint Andrew’s.” We mixed a little history with a little dreaming and began to define the journey we are taking as we share our passions and perspectives. 
July 14: This workshop gathered what we found in the first workshop and began to develop a mission focus with a clarity to reach a vision for the future. 
These workshops were the beginning of the process.  Check back for more information.