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Memorial Garden

Saint Andrew's Memorial Garden

Within steps of our church is a beautiful memorial wall and garden. Having a memorial space is an ancient Christian tradition of providing a resting place for the sacred remains of our loved ones. The space is a peaceful place for contemplation and renewal for the living and is a tangible reminder of the communion of saints both living and departed.

  • This is a memorial garden created for members of Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church.
  • The columbarium wall accommodates 168 niches for urns. 
  • The cenotaph wall can accommodate 32 engravings (for those wanting to remember a loved one, but not place cremains within).
  • If using a personal urn, the Funeral Director will need to know that the niche dimensions are 9 1/4” wide by 11” deep and will hold one or two urns.
  • Vases are available for use. The plastic vases are stored in a waterproof tub just behind the Columbarium wall. The vases have a stake on them, and can be pushed into the rocks or dirt in front of the engravings on the wall. The vases can hold a few flowers, a small bunch, or flags. Once the flowers have passed their prime, they will be removed and the vase returned to the tub for its next use.
  • You pay a one-time fee - no ongoing costs.
  • More information is available, including regulations, conditions and columbarium procedures. Contact the church office.
  • To make a reservation in the Memorial Garden, print, complete and deliver to the church office the Memorial Garden Agreement. If you will be paying with a credit card, you will also need to fill in the Information, Purchase and Reservation Request form.

For more information

please contact the church office

(425-746-2529) or the Facilities Manager.