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Central to the life of our congregation is the community at worship. Each week we gather to be fed and nurtured through the Word and Sacraments, and we find ourselves celebrating the mighty acts of God in Scripture. In blended worship, we encounter both formal and informal liturgies, older and newer hymns, prayers of the people, and the sharing of the peace.

What's new at Saint Andrew's...

 ~ Lent~Easter Calendar and Information
 ~ Inclement Weather Updates and Information
 ~ What's Coming Up
    Lenten Mid-week Worship
March 20, March 27,
April 3, April 10
      Soup Supper, 6:00 pm
      Evening Worship, 7:00 pm
Early Sunday Morning Bible Study
     Sundays, March 24, 7:15 am
Children's Choir
      Sing during worship, April 14
      Rehearsals, March 24, March 31, April 7
     3:00 pm
Word for the Week Bible Study begins
     March 27, 10:00 am
O.W.L.S. (Older Wiser Lutheran Saints)
     April 16, 11:45 am
Prayer Partners for Lent
      Pray for your Prayer Partner throughout Lent.
Prayer Partner Reveal, April 28.
 ~ Youth and Families
  Youth Registration (one form covers all Saint Andrew's activities for 2018-2019)
God Squad (youth in grade 9-12)
      Service Event at Lifelong, 
     March 23, 11:30 am
      Summer 2019 Mission Trip to Mexico
Fire Force (youth in grades 6-8)
      Service Event at Northwest Harvest,
     March 23, 8:30 am
      Affirmation of Baptism/Confirmation Lunch
     May 5, 12:15 pm
      Summer 2019 Mission Trip to Idaho
Sheep and Shepherds (families with children age birth through grade 5)
      Family Easter Celebration, April 20
 ~ Vision Initiative
 ~ Stewardship
    Growing Forward....One in Christ 
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Worship with Holy Communion, 8:30 am and 11:00 am 
Discipleship Hour, 9:45 am