Making your faith your own and making major life decisions which are intentionally based in Christ-centered values are part of life for young adults. Saint Andrew’s can facilitate your spiritual formation and be your faith family to walk with you through your life choices, with all their joys and challenges.


 Connecting with God, others,
and the community—and beyond—through:


Worship and Music:

Whether you are hearing the Word or ringing bells, corporate worship is a powerful way to get beyond individual self and discover that God works in and through community. We all have a need to belong; how wonderful to belong to a welcoming community of believers. Come and hear again how much God loves you!

Christian Education:

Growing in Christ is not passive! We participate with the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives through Bible study and prayer. Don’t miss out on what God has for you!

Discipleship and Fellowship:

Dinner with Young Adults
We gather for dinner once a month on Wednesday evenings.
Contact Carolyn McKenna to RSVP, for more information, to suggest a restaurant, and/or to offer to host an evening! She can be contacted through the church office.
Our next dinners are (all are at 6:30 pm unless otherwise noted):
     March 13 - April 10, 6:00 pm, attend Lenten soup supper and worship at Saint Andrew's
     You can see our schedule here.

We are blessed to be a blessing—a major motif in the Bible going way back to Abraham (Genesis 12:3). Through intentional discipleship, we don’t stop at being blessed. Instead, through engaging our God-given gifts and honed talents, we become a blessing to others and grow increasingly faithful in God’s amazing mission.

Mission and Outreach:

Wow! We get to be a part of God’s work in this world. We have the privilege of being Christ’s hands to others in need and bring the Good News of hope and healing to a broken world. And through the journey, our brokenness gets healed. That is Good News!


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