Living, learning, playing and serving in Christ

God Squad (High School) Summer Mission and Service Trip

Fire Force (Middle School) Summer Mission and Service Trip



Youth and Family Ministries has “AAA” volunteers. "AAA" stands for Authentic, Available, and Affirming.  
We train volunteers to be "AAA". We discuss what it means to be a "AAA" volunteer and touch on mental/social development of teenagers. We talk about any issues volunteers might be facing, discuss what activities that are coming up for the youth, andhave volunteers sign up to help with those activities.
Check back for dates of our next training sessions or contact Emily Harrow for more information.

 For more information, contact Director of Youth and Family Ministries Emily Harrow.


Youth and
Family Ministries

Youth Registration Form
(includes Medical and Permissions for all children in the family)

God Squad (Grades 9 - 12)

We are athletes, band geeks, techies, drama kids, gamers, vegetarians, Republicans, Independents, Democrats, Autobots, Decepticons, fashionistas, musicians, and more coming together to worship Christ. We question, laugh, debate, play, advocate, serve, eat, travel, pray, worship, retreat, sing, dance, hug, and hangout in the name of God.

Come and play with us!


Fire Force (Grades 6 - 8)
Middle School youth on fire for God! We come from all over Seattle’s eastside to worship, play, pray, run around, yell, snack, share, study, hang out, laugh and love. Click on our logo to find out more about us!

We gather to play, serve, and grow in Christ.


Sheep and Shepherds (Families with children age Birth - Grade 5)

This ministry's goal is to support families as they work to raise their children in Christ. We gather monthly for a variety of events focused on bringing the parents and youth closer together as families in Christ.

Our events include family movie nights, a Halloween Party, an Easter Celebration, gingerbread house building, and Kids In/ Parents Out. Kids In/Parents Out is a time for kids to be kids and parents to be young adults. The youth spend the evening at the church doing crafts, engaging in a little Bible study, and doing lots of things the “big kids” get to do. Parents go out for a night of fun and fellowship at a member’s house. These events have been quite a hit with both parents and kids.

Please come and join us in the fun! 

Youth and
Family Ministries
For more information, contact:
Emily Harrow,
Director of Discipleship Ministries
emily@SALChome.org, 425-746-2529