Discover a deeper meaning — Life in Christ!

In a world that lives the illusions of power, posessions, and pleasure--discover a deeper meaning--life in Christ.

Youth and family ministry programs, authentic worshipChristian education for the real world, and compassionate service projects are all part of connecting with Christ.

Whether you're into music, sports, theoretical physics, caring for God's earth, (fill in your passion here _________) or just figuring out who you are, come and share in life with people who will walk with you through the stuff of life.

We have a growing youth and family ministry program that has three main areas of focus: fellowship, education, and service. Click on the link below that best fits you!

Do ONE Thing
To grow faith in the youth of Saint Andrew’s
Every time a child is baptized at Saint Andrew’s, we make a promise to that child. We promise to support and pray for the child in his/her new life in Christ and to help sponsors and parents in bringing that child to faith.
And here is your chance to live out the promises you have already made by doing ONE thing to help the discipleship ministry of this congregation.
You are invited to add your name to the “Do One Thing” list. And whenever we are in need of a caring adult to fill in for a one-time role, you might get called in to save the day! For most youth events, all we need is an extra body in the room. Some things you might get called for include:
~ Going with youth on a service outing
~ Assisting with the annual Christmas program
~ Working in the kitchen for a potluck meal
~ Helping out at Vacation Bible School for a day
~ Gathering supplies for a children’s event
~ Filling in for a week as an Affirmation of Baptism/Confirmation (ABC) mentor
~ Attending a youth’s sporting event/concert at school
~ Helping set up for a mission trip fundraiser
And if we call and you say, “Yes!” then you have done your one thing and won’t be called again (unless you want to be).
This is a way for the entire congregation- whether you have kids in the program or not- to be involved in the faith formation of our youth. I hope everyone will consider how much playing a small part in the discipleship ministry can impact the faith of our youngest generations for years to come.
If you want to get on the list, contact Pastor Drew Yoos with your name and updated contact information and your name will be added!
Pastor Drew Yoos, Interim Director of Discipleship Ministries
drew@SALChome.org or 425-746-2529 

Vacation Bible School 
Classes are for youth from age 4 through entering grade 7, and for older youth and adults as volunteers!
Our VBS webpage includes links to online registration and printable registration forms. You can volunteer online too!




 God Squad
Ministry for youth in
grades 9 – 12

 Fire Force
Ministry for youth in
grades 6 – 8

 Sheep and Shepherds
Ministry for families with children age birth through grade 5

Youth Forms

Youth Registration Form
(includes Medical and Permissions for all children in the family)

Youth and Family Ministries Calendar
ELCA Youth webpage

For more information, contact:
Interim Director of Discipleship Ministries Pastor Drew Yoos
drew@SALChome.org or 425-746-2529